After letting the ground heal following a wet spring, the Apple Valley Disc Golf League will begin the 2019 season, a season of change, on May 13.

The season will run 18 weeks through September 23. There will be no play on May 27 because of the Memorial Day holiday and no play on September 2 because of Labor Day.

Plans for a course expansion to 18 holes at Alimagnet are moving along but for the first few weeks of the season, AVDGL will be playing the Classic AVDGL course using the course’s normal 12 holes. (The teebox for hole #7 will return to the walking path on the hill during this period.)

Once plans for the expansion are finalized, new baskets will be added and the league will switch to an 18-hole format using dirt tee-pads on the new holes. The new course will be in test mode for the first season with concrete tee pads expected to be added to the new holes in 2020 if all goes well.

Also undergoing some changes this year are league fees, divisions, and payouts. AVDGL will offer the following divisions: Pro ($10), Advanced ($7), Intermediate ($7), and Women ($7). There must be at least two players to form a division on any given day.

League fees will include the amateur disc CTP on hole #2 and $2 for the ace pool. The cash CTP will become an optional buy-in. The payout for the optional cash CTP will be 75% of the contributed funds with the remainder going to the AVDGL season-ending tournament/final 9/party which will be held in October.

Payouts for each division also will be adjusted. Pro and Advanced divisions will pay out to the top 33% while Intermediate and Women’s divisions will pay out to the top 50%. As usual, league sponsor Gotta Go Gotta Throw will add 25% to amateur payouts which can be redeemed at the Gotta Go Gotta Throw store.

Please sign up to play by 5:30 p.m. each Monday for the 6 p.m. start. You can Facebook Luke, text him, call or have some one else sign you in, but all players must be registered by 5:30 p.m.

Beginning with Week 2 (May 20), there will be an optional afternoon start available at 2:30 p.m. Signup at 2 p.m. Players may play both the afternoon and evening times as long as they buy in for each start. The player’s better score will be the score recorded for that day’s round.

Players must compete 7 weeks in a division to qualify for the end-of-the-year final nine. The top three players in each division qualify for the final nine. Standings will be updated as soon as possible, usually by Wednesday, after each round.

Strikes are initially set up as follows:

Ams get 3 strikes before you must move up to a higher division.
Intermediate: below -4 for one strike
Advanced: below -9 for one strike

The strike system may be adjusted during the course of the season as course changes are implemented.

Please attend the player meeting prior to play each week for updates on these rules and the course layout.

Who’s behind the Apple Valley Disc Golf League?

  • Luke Wessel – Director
  • Andrease Herrera – Director
  • Corey Farrell
  • Travis Dunnell
  • Mike Noska – Assistant Event Coordinator
  • Terry Becker – scorecards & score posting
  • Tony Roberts – website