The 2018 season of the Apple Valley Disc Golf League at Alimagnet DGC in Apple Valley was scheduled to beging April 16, but the snow has foiled us again. The first week of play will be April 23.

  • There will be no afternoon start on April 23. Steve Harrington and Adam Draeger will run the 2:30 p.m. afternoon round this year beginning April 30.
  • Players must be registered by 5:30 p.m. for the evening round. You can Facebook Luke, text him, call or have some one else sign you in, but all players must be registered by 5:30 p.m. Luke will be strict on this!
  • To speed play, we’ll use an 11-hole layout this year. Hole 6/7 will be played from the Hole 6 tee pad to the Hole 7 basket. Paved sidewalks and paths will play as OB rivers.
  • Lights for your discs may be helpful during early season rounds.

Divisions and entry fees

There must be at least two people playing to form a division. Otherwise players will be asked to join another division.

  • Women: $7
  • Masters $7
  • Intermediate: $7
  • Advanced: $10
  • Pro: $13

You must play 7 weeks in a division to qualify for the end-of-the-year final nine. The top three players in each division qualify for the final nine. Standings will be updated as soon as possible, usually by Wednesday, after each round.

Strikes are as follows:

Ams get 3 strikes before you must move up to a higher division.
Intermediate: below -4 for one strike
Advanced: below -9 for one strike

Entry includes:

  • Ace pool which is usually over $100 each night
  • Cash CTP
  • Hole #2 disc CTP for Amateurs
  • We pay cash for the top 1/3 in the pro division
  • We pay out top 45% in all other divisions and the payouts have an added 25% bonus courtesy of our sponsors. These divisions receive merchandise credit at Gotta Go Gotta Throw.
  • Pro payouts are made immediately following the round. Payouts for other divisions are calculated and posted on this website, usually by the Wednesday following the round. These payouts can be redeemed at Gotta Go Gotta Throw.
  • Players will accumulate player points for rounds played over the regular season, and your seven best rounds will be used to determine the top three players in the each division. The top three in each division will play off in “The AVDGL Final 9” round at the end of year party. The champions of “The AVDGL Final 9” will have their names added to the AVDGL Trophies.

Course Layout

  • Hole 1: Regular, OB Road and Volleyball Court
  • Hole 2: Regular, Back pond OB
  • Hole 3: Regular. OB road and Volleyball Court
  • Hole 4: Regular, OB Road
  • Hole 5: Regular, OB on or across sidewalk
  • Hole 6/7: Hole 6’s tee to Hole 7’s basket. Paved paths play as OB rivers.
  • Hole 8: Regular, OB long water
  • Hole 9: Modified 9, Tee off Right from the Tee like last year, Marked by Flags
  • Hole 10: Island Hole like last year, If you do not make the Island then you take a stroke penalty and shoot from drop zone.
  • Hole 11: Regular, OB lake long
  • Hole 12: Long position for Pro and Advanced, Short position for Intermediate and Women, OB parking lot?

We are looking forward to another exciting year at AVDGL!

Who’s behind the Apple Valley Disc Golf Leage?

  • Luke Wessel – Director
  • Andrease Herrera – Director
  • Corey Farrell
  • Travis Dunnell
  • Mike Noska – Assistant Event Coordinator
  • Terry Becker – scorecards & score posting
  • Tony Roberts – website